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Oh Diorama Manifesto.

..~==My diorama presents a world in miniature. You cannot passively hear it.==~..

Peer, orbit, pan, glance, scan, cock, listen, track, scale, consider, shift, smile, understand. Diorama.

*Desire to make something which requires understanding.

They know you're watching. On a wall, in a window, down a tunnel, on a wind vane, deep in the thicket, on a brooch, at the end of a gaze. They will hear. Diorama.

*Desire to make something that will be understood better than you.

You don't think in words. Actions and movement are expressions of how you see the world. You colour with feelings. Sounds reflect the mirror of you. Diorama.

*Desire to make something that will flirt with a single orbiting presence.

You want to present, plume, visage, your best self. Or the best version of the imagination of the idea of the concept that reflects your message. Say these four words: "Di or am a".

*Desire to make something that gives back to you.

You just want to make. Make the pain away. Do a little and share, or get lost endlessly in the craft. Hide in plain sight, say your fears, express a hidden love, make a comfortable place, nurture yourself. They don't have to understand. Diorama.


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